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Funding Opportunities

Financial Support for Study Abroad

If you're considering studying abroad, financial support is available to help make your international experience a reality. Here are some funding resources and opportunities to consider:

1. College of Engineering Travel Grant: 

The Center for Global Engineering Engagement awards international travel grants to students in the College of Engineering each semester to ease the financial burden of studying abroad. These awards range from $300-$5,000 and are meant to enhance equal access to participation in an international experience.   Travel grants are awarded to applicants with thoughtful, well-written essays regardless of financial need.  

Details: These grants provide financial assistance to engineering students for their study abroad experiences. All Penn State engineers traveling on approved programs are eligible.

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2.  Penn State Education Abroad Scholarships

Penn State Global is committed to providing global learning experiences to students across the Commonwealth. As part of a broader effort to increase student access and success in education abroad programs, Penn State Global offers increased scholarship opportunities and guaranteed scholarships to students receiving Federal Pell Grants. See the full list on the Penn State Global Website.

3. Third-Party Provider Scholarships

Many of our providers offer in-state tuition for out-of-state students but also offer additional funding opportunities. Find a list on Penn State Global.

4. Gilman Scholarship: Learn more »

  • Eligibility: Undergraduate U.S. citizens with limited financial means
  • Details: The Gilman Scholarship supports study and internships abroad, helping students gain skills crucial for national security and economic prosperity.

*NOTE: Federal Pell Grant & Gilman Scholarship Guarantee! Recipients who submit a completed application for the national Gilman Scholarship Program and meet eligibility requirements for the Gilman Scholarship Program (including but not limited to eligible locations) will automatically increase their Penn State Global guaranteed scholarship amount by another $500, to a minimum of $1,500.

5. Diversity Scholarships 

Several scholarship opportunities exist for students wishing to study abroad, including opportunities specifically for students from diverse backgrounds. Learn more »


Getting Started/How Do I Fund Study Abroad?

No two programs are the same; our program costs reflect these differences. Our programs vary widely in cost so we likely have a program for every budget. Sometimes studying abroad is no more expensive than studying on campus and other times the cost can be higher.

We encourage all students to:

  1. First determine your budget
  2. Research programs and identify those that meet your budget, as well as your personal and academic goals.
    • Be sure to check which items are included in the program fee. Sometimes amenities, such as housing, are included.
    • Consider other potential costs, such as airfare and cost of living, which may not be reflected in the program fee.
  3. Complete a FAFSA application and meet with the Office of Student Financial Aid.
  4. A comprehensive list of available funding options is provided on our website. Review those options early to apply.

How can I write a competitive essay?

The best essays will give specific answers to the questions provided. Tell your story in a way that will answer the question “what sets me apart?” Be able to demonstrate how study abroad fits into a greater plan for your academic career, your co-curricular and leadership engagement on campus, and your professional career. The Undergraduate Research and Fellowships Mentoring Office can help you to identify opportunities and to go through the process of applying, including writing a competitive essay.

Remember, with careful planning and the right resources, your study abroad experience can be both enriching and financially feasible. Explore the various funding options and start your journey towards a transformative international education.



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