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Students can study abroad for varying lengths of time. Some programs are designed for groups, while other programs may be a more independent experience. During the program search, it is important to consider academics, personal goals, program costs, and attitudes towards diverse populations.

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Program opportunities for first-year students to Study Abroad!

There are dozens of programs where you can study abroad and stay on track. Here are just a few featured programs that you can do in your first year as a Penn State engineer.

First-Year Seminar; Santiago, Chile 

This program is full for spring 2024.

This unique opportunity for first-year students facilitates adjustment to the college learning environment and increased academic liberties associated with the transition to college life. Students will be introduced to the College of Engineering’s academic disciplines, learn about opportunities for co-curricular engagement, and will participate in a culturally immersive experience in Santiago, Chile during spring break. This spring break embedded course satisfies the FYS and Humanities (GH) course requirements.



Indigenous Cultural Studies; Australia and New Zealand

This three-week faculty-led summer study abroad program will introduce students to the Indigenous cultures of New Zealand and Australia through a series of site visits and related literature. Experience first-hand spectacular environments and natural wonders that are of important cultural significance, including Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia’s Outback and New Zealand’s geothermal Rotorua and Bay of Islands.
Students will learn about both precolonial and postcolonial Indigenous cultures, including their ancient cultural traditions and artistic forms, the impact of colonization on Aboriginal Australians and New Zealand Māori, and the social and cultural position of Indigenous people within the contemporary context. This 3-credit inter-domain course satisfies of Humanities (GH) and Arts (GA) for students in the College of Engineering.

Como, Italy: Cross-Cultural Engagement and Technical Presentation

Students who participate in this faculty-led program will travel to Italy and Switzerland to collaborate with students from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland as they learn how to deliver effective technical presentations in a European setting and are introduced to the Italian language. This program runs for 3 weeks and fulfills 6 credits. 3 credits of a CAS 100 equivalent and 3 credits of Social and Behavioral Sciences (GS).
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DIS: Summer in Scandinavia

This is a direct enrollment program where students choose between 3-9 credits of general education requirements particularly fulfilling interdomain/integrative studies courses. Students can choose to take courses in Denmark or Stockholm during this experience.
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University of Virginia, Valencia Spain

Students who choose this program can complete several of the required entrance to major courses such as Math 250, EMCH 211, PSY 212, STAT 318, and CMSPC 360. Students will directly enroll in this program and take courses in English alongside local students and other international students. All courses are taught in English, by Spanish faculty to engage students in a cross-cultural and once-in-a-lifetime international experience.
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After your study abroad experience, you can become a Global Engineering Fellow earning you a scholarship each semester! 



The mission of Global Engineering Engagement is to create an environment that embraces the values of international education, where access to global exposure and opportunities to develop cross-cultural competence is pervasive. We believe that it is within our reach to ensure that all engineering students can become internationally engaged.

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