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Engineering Summer Programs

Below are summer study abroad programs designed for College of Engineering students. However, you are not limited to these options. To explore a full list of all summer study abroad programs offered through Penn State, check out the Global Programs search function.

For information about the application process and application deadlines, please visit Penn State Global's Application Process page.

Faculty-Led Summer Study Abroad Programs 

Como, Italy: Cross-Cultural Engagement and Technical Presentations   

Participants of this program will learn how to deliver effective technical presentations in a European setting and be introduced to the Italian language and culture. Students will stay in Como near the foot of the Alps in Italy’s stunning Lake District near the Swiss border. This program may include explorations of nearby villages and cities where participants will learn about local economies, typical products, customs, history, and traditions, which will serve as a foundation for developing technical and intercultural communication skills. Learn more

Lima, Peru: Cross-Cultural Engagement & Stem Program 

Students are engaged through an immersive global experience in this team-taught course that examines sustainable development challenges and opportunities in Latin America. Multidisciplinary cross-cultural teams of Penn State and Peruvian students work together on site-specific case studies surrounding food-energy-water nexus challenges in Peru. As a pivotal component of this course, students investigate the social, cultural, and economic issues critical to technical implementation projects, prior to learning the technical approaches themselves. Students thereby learn to approach engineering design challenges from a holistic perspective and develop leadership skills on an interdisciplinary platform, appreciating the imperative roles of scientific knowledge and cultural engagement in international development. Learn more

Prerequisite: Successful completion of STS 115, Enrollment preference for Clark Scholars

Manaus, Brazil: Mechanical Engineering 

Penn State University’s Mechanical Engineering and Research program in Manaus Brazil, provides students with the opportunity to engage in a technical engineering program while learning about the culture and the engineering challenges of operating in one of the most important regions of the world, the Amazon rainforest. The program takes place in the state of Amazonas (AM) in the northern region of Brazil: Manaus (the capital). Located in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, it is home to the National Institute of Amazonian Research. Students will have the opportunity to meet with engineering experts and the local community. They will apply their engineering skills in experiential learning activities of data capture techniques, land development design, and STEM communication. Learn more.

Prerequisites: Participants must be entering their third or fourth year of study. 

Rome, Italy: Architectural Engineering 

The Department of Architectural Engineering offers this Penn State faculty-led program in Italy. Students will take courses led by a Penn State faculty member in conjunction with IES Abroad in Rome. For this program, IES Abroad Rome will facilitate the teaching of two architecture courses and affiliated site visits within Rome and to several other Italian cities. Courses will explore what we know or can find out about this topic through investigation of artifacts and review of texts. Learn more

Recommended prerequisite: semester of statistics as preparation (EMCH 211 or AE 210)

Summers by Design Programs 

The Penn State School of Engineering Design and Innovation (SEDI) offers this Penn State faculty-led study abroad program. Students will experience practicing design with international collaborators in international environments and conducting design for global markets. In addition, students will learn to function in cross-cultural engineering design teams, partnering with students from other global institutions.  

  • Galapagos, Ecuador: Engineering Design
    Through this SEDI course, students will recognize the role that engineering and sustainable design have in improving the health, safety, and welfare of the Galapagos Islands, as well as identifying when a solution is technically feasible, economically viable, and sustainable. Students will use a range of design tools and techniques to carry out and communicate their design processes as applied to their projects. Additionally, students will learn to function in cross-cultural engineering design teams, partnering with local stakeholders.
  • Navarra, Spain: Engineering Design 
    This SEDI course offers students the opportunity to experience practicing design with international collaborators in international environments and conducting design for global markets. In addition, students will learn to function in cross-cultural engineering design teams, partnering with students from the U.S., Spain, and other global institutions. This study abroad program takes place at Tecnun (Universidad de Navarra) over a two-week period at the end of May. Participants will also experience many cultural activities, such as surfing in the Bay of Biscay or visiting the Guggenheim Museum in Bilboa, Spain.  

  • Singapore, Singapore: National University of Singapore, Engineering Design 
    This SEDI program takes place over a two-week period at the end of May at the National University of Singapore, the #12 engineering university in the world (Times Higher Education, 2012-2013). Penn State participants will join students from the U.S., China, Singapore, India, and others. In addition to attending lectures and participating in field trips, students will complete assignments and a team-based design project.  

Summer Study Abroad with International Partner Institutions

DIS: Summer in Scandinavia 

DIS summer courses are taught in English with a focus on real-life experience and feature field studies in Copenhagen and Stockholm to bring classroom discussions to life. Sessions vary in length with differing start and end dates. You choose which are best suited to your academic goals; pick any combination of courses irrespective of discipline, length, or credits available. Sessions 2, 3, and 4 include course-integrated study tours to relevant locations in Europe that further your perspectives on course topics. Learn more »

Prerequisite: Students in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Biomedical, and Biological Engineering 

Lyon, France: INNOV@INSA Program

INSA Lyon is one of France's leading engineering schools and is known for its high level of training, strong humanist values, and a rich campus life. The 4-week, 6-credit, Summer INNOV@INSA program offers students the opportunity to learn about European perspectives in engineering and innovation through innovative and interactive teaching. Students will also become acquainted with French culture and study either beginning, intermediate, or advanced French.

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Pforzheim, Germany: Engineers Made in Germany 

The Summer School at Hochschule Pforzheim University, Engineers Made in Germany, combines technical coursework, language study, and cultural excursions to provide engineering students with a unique learning experience. Students will take three courses: a German-language course; Production Management and Supply Chain Management; and Lecture Series Engineering in Manufacturing. The two technical courses have a focus on the German automotive industry. Many site visits are included in the program such as the Mercedes-Benz plant; Porsche Museum and plant; SAP; Daimler Museum; European Patent Office; or HUGO BOSS. City visits include Heidelberg, Strasbourg, Munich, and Berlin. Learn more

University College Dublin Organic Chemistry Program 

This 8-week summer program gives students the opportunity to complete 8 credits and three major course requirements. Students will take Organic Chemistry 1 and Organic Chemistry 2 which are equivalents to CHEM 210, CHEM 212, and CHEM 213. This is a great option for our Chemical Engineering and Engineering Science Pre-Med students. Learn more

University College Dublin Physics Program 

On this 6-week program, students will take 6 credits in Dublin, Ireland earning credits for, PHYS 212 and PHYS 214, as well as a 3-credit gen ed Irish & European History of the Early 20th Century. This program is a great option for Aerospace, Engineering Science, and Nuclear Engineering majors. Learn more

University of Leeds, Summer 

The Leeds International Summer School is a four-week program, consisting of 2 two-week sessions and students take one course per session. Students must participate in all four weeks of the program to get Penn State credit through Penn State Global. 

Each module usually includes at least one field trip to support what is learned in the classroom. Previous destinations include Castle Howard in York, the BBC at Media City UK, the Brontë Parsonage in Haworth, and the cities of Manchester and Liverpool. Learn more

Sendai, Tohoku University STEM Summer Program 

This 4-week summer program in Tohoku, Japan is designed specifically for students majoring in science and engineering. Students will take one 4 credit course, Exploring the Frontier of Science & Technology where students will gain insight into advanced science and technology in the future and how they can contribute to society through research, and they will offer cutting-edge classes in advanced sciences and engineering. The program includes experiments, lectures, facility/ laboratory visits, presentations, and field trips. Students in several engineering fields such as CMSPC, CMPEN, DS, and BME can use these credits to satisfy major requirements. Learn more

Seoul, Korea: Sungkyunkwan University, International Summer Semester 

Sungkyunkwan University’s (SKKU) International Summer Semester (ISS) is a unique academic program dedicated to sharing and experiencing the fascinating story of Seoul, Korea’s 600-year-old capital. The program aims to develop students’ global engagement by providing opportunities to share different perspectives on global issues, make friends with various cultural backgrounds, and explore Korea's history, culture, and society. The ISS is a four-week program, offering over 60 unique courses in fields such as business and management, economics, social science, engineering and computer science, data science, and Korean language and studies. Learn more

Summer International Research Opportunities

A Penn State-Freiburg Paid Research Internship Opportunity - International Partnership for Responsive Infrastructure using Sustainable Multifunctional Materials (iPRISM) 

iPRISM is an international research program that builds on the strong partnership between the Penn State Center for Living Multifunctional Materials Systems (LiMC2) and the University of Freiburg livMatS Center of Excellence (livMatS) in Germany. The University of Freiburg has one of the few centers worldwide in living materials, making the iPRISM well suited for an international research experience in cutting-edge materials. Students will be guided in their research by world-renowned experts and will have access to unique facilities, including full-scale built structures that incorporate novel and nature-inspired composites.  

Prerequisite: Students must be in their second or third year of study in the College of Engineering, College of Earth and Mineral Science, College of Ag. Science 

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International Research Partnerships between Penn State and Monash University in Melbourne, Australia 

This partnership between Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, and Penn State will provide an opportunity for students to conduct state-of-the-art field and laboratory research and learn about Australian approaches to managing water pollution in a watershed with different hydro-climatic conditions. This effort is supported by the US National Science Foundation's International Research Experiences for Students program. Approximately four to five total undergraduate and graduate students will be chosen each year from Penn State’s various campuses. Learn more

Suspended Programs

Berlin, Germany: Engineering Design 

This program has been suspended for summer 2024. 

This engineering design course offered through the Penn State School of Engineering Design and Innovation (SEDI) will offer opportunities for students to practice design alongside international collaborators in Germany for global markets and within the startup culture in Berlin. Led by Dr. Jessica Menold, this faculty-led course is 3 credits of EDSGN 270 and offered in Maymester. Please check with your department for degree requirements. This is an ideal program for Penn State engineering students as it allows students the opportunity to participate in a study abroad program while still having time to return home to complete a summer engineering internship. 

Hong Kong, China: Architectural Engineering 

This program has been suspended through summer 2024.

The Department of Architectural Engineering offers this Penn State faculty-led program in China. With its 1.3 billion people, China is currently developing its cities and infrastructure at a break-neck pace. Projects of enormous size and new construction practices are being developed daily. Architectural engineering students interested in the future of the industry can observe this development by participating in this immersive summer study abroad program. Students will enjoy a variety of experiences such as studies at the University of Hong Kong in an architectural design studio, an architectural history course, and several days in Shanghai to meet with U.S. firms and businesses involved in development projects. Additionally, students will participate in the Tsinghua University Summer School for International Construction in Beijing. 



The mission of Global Engineering Engagement is to create an environment that embraces the values of international education, where access to global exposure and opportunities to develop cross-cultural competence is pervasive. We believe that it is within our reach to ensure that all engineering students can become internationally engaged.

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