Europe Semester Programs

Below are semester-long study abroad programs in Europe designed for College of Engineering students. However, you are not limited to these options. To explore a full list of all semester study abroad programs offered through Penn State, check out the Global Programs search function.

Denmark. DIS: Copenhagen, Study in Copenhagen

Engineering students in BE, BME, and CMPSC may take 12-18 credits focusing on their specific academic discipline designed to further your knowledge and inspire intercultural awareness. DIS Copenhagen offers an academically rigorous, hands-on curriculum that is taught in English. Core courses include a Week-Long Study Tour to a relevant European destination and a Core Course Week, comprised of a two-day seminar in Copenhagen and three-day short study tour.

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France. CEA: French Riviera

The Science & Engineering program in the French Riviera allows students in as early as their 3 semester, to take core engineering courses in majors like, ME, CE, NUCE, BE, and IE. Students can take engineering courses for their major and general electives in math, languages, or humanities.

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Germany. University of Freiburg

Engineering students have the opportunity to participate in an exchange program in Freiburg, Germany, during the spring semester of their junior year. Students with a strong German language proficiency are welcome to apply. Students in computer science may find major courses available as well as German language and culture.

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Ireland. Arcadia: Galway, National University of Ireland

Galway is a vibrant, bustling center of arts and commerce, while retaining a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Galway is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. The city has medieval streets, waterways, an extensive range of shopping facilities, and a wealth of music sessions and other cultural events. National University of Ireland, Galway, has grown significantly in recent years with course offerings in BME, CE, EE, and ME.

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Ireland. IES: Dublin, Engineering

Engineering students will take the majority of their courses at Dublin City University, one of Ireland’s leading Young Universities. Students can choose from a range of courses in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. These courses are taught at Dublin City University (DCU) and at the IES Abroad Center. Students will take a total of 15-19 credits per semester; 3 of those credits will be fulfilled with the "Designing the Sustainable City - Global Pillars" course through IES Abroad, and the remaining 12-16 credits will be fulfilled through courses offered at Dublin City University. Students must take a minimum of 2 STEM or Engineering courses at DCU. 

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Ireland. University College Dublin

Engineering students in AE, BME, ChE, EE, IE, and ME have the opportunity to learn alongside local students at University College Dublin. While students will primarily take engineering courses, you have the opportunity to take up to two elective courses from another college. Course registration will take place  one month before your arrival in Dublin and students will be housed in a residential college arranged by University College Dublin. This program is available to those who are at least in junior standing.

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Ireland. University of Limerick

Students in several engineering programs have the opportunity to study alongside local students at the University of Limerick. Limerick’s excellent cultural, residential, and sporting facilities as well as a variety of student organizations, make it an ideal location for students. Students will take 15 credits and will be housed on campus. Although students can choose courses before departure, course schedules will be finalized after arrival in Ireland.

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Italy. Temple University, Rome

Students in several different engineering majors have the opportunity to study and complete three required major courses as well as general education course requirements. Students also have the option to pursue a credited internship. This program is suggested for students in their 4th semester. An Italian language course will also be required for students who have not previously studied Italian. There are also several planned field trips throughout Rome to enhance their studies and cultural immersion experience. Italian 140, offered at Penn State in the fall semester, is highly recommended for students who enroll in this program.

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Netherlands. IES: Amsterdam 

Engineering students in CMPSC and CMPEN will take 15-18 credits at VU University Amsterdam. Taking classes in English with Dutch and international students, you’ll gain a valuable international perspective that only comes with study abroad. Located in the South of Amsterdam and boasting a diverse student population, the VU offers a wide array of courses in computer science and computer engineering housed in their science department. Courses are taught by professors and researchers who are among the best in their fields. You may also choose to expand your studies with an IES Abroad-taught course on cross-cultural psychology, sexuality and gender, studio art, or art history to possibly fulfill any general education requirements.

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Netherlands. Maastricht: Center for European Studies, Maastricht University 

The University of Maastricht is the youngest university in the Netherlands, but is considered to be one of the finest. The university is known for its unique education system, which uses Problem-Based Learning. The Center for European Studies (CES) offers a variety of coursework in English. Classes are small and are taught using a unique, problem-based learning technique. The program has strengths in international studies and politics, and includes introductory language and culture courses. Maastricht is a quaint city in southern Holland, just a bike ride away from Belgium or Germany.

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Spain. IES: Barcelona, Engineering

This IES program in Barcelona Spain offers core 4th semester courses in ME, NUCE, CE, and IE. Students in their 6th semester for CMPSC and CMPEN can also find courses at the local university, LSB. Students have the opportunity to take courses at the local university and the IES study center. Students take 15-19 credits per semester and will be required to take the IES Global Pillars course, which focuses on finding solutions to today's most pressing sustainability issues. 

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Spain. IES: Engineering, Math, and Science

Students in AERSP, BME, CMPEN, CMPSC, IE, and ME have the opportunity to take major courses at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid through IES, a third-party provider. This program will take place at a study center and IES provides an array of housing options including homestays, apartments, and residence halls with different meal options. Penn State students participating in this program will be awarded a $2,000 Public School Grant from IES with additional scholarships available as well. Students may participate in a number of 1- and 2-day field trips around Spain subsidized by IES.

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One of the best private universities in Spain, Tecnun University of Navarra is a great fit for students in AERSP, BME, EE, IE, and ME, and offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience to study in a beautiful Spanish coastal town. With a variety of courses taught in English, knowledge of Spanish is not required but may give students more course options. Students will enroll for courses during orientation and will learn alongside local students. While Tecnun doesn’t offer on-campus housing, support and advice are offered when seeking accommodations.

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Spain. University of Virginia, Engineering 

Students with intermediate Spanish skills (minimum SPAN 003 or equivalent) have the opportunity to spend the fall semester of sophomore year in Valencia, Spain, to complete many entrance-to-major courses. Students will live in local homestays with all meals provided, allowing for an exceptional cultural immersion. This amazing experience is open to all students in the College of Engineering.

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Sweden. DIS: Stockholm, Study in Stockholm 

Engineering students in BE, BME, and CMPSC may take 12-18 credits focusing on their specific academic discipline designed to further knowledge and inspire intercultural awareness. You will examine issues from different perspectives, raise questions, and debate complex topics through analysis, research, and reflection. DIS Stockholm offers an academically rigorous, hands-on curriculum that is taught in English.

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Sweden. Jönköping University, Engineering

At Jönköping University, people from all over the world study in an environment that inspires research and multicultural networking. The university campus is located right in the heart of the city, with anything you might need within a short walking distance away. Students in sophomore or junior class standing can study in either the fall or spring semester. Various engineering majors can apply.

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