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Center for Global Engineering Engagement Spring Conference

Penn State’s Center for Global Engineering Engagement (GEE) is now accepting proposal and video contest submissions ahead of its virtual Spring 2021 Conference, Engineering Your Global Experiences: Building Global Competencies for the Future Engineering Workforce.

To be held on Thursday, April 1, 2021, the event is a virtual, student-centered conference that will include a keynote speaker, networking opportunities, workshops, and panel discussions.

Register here by March 19, 2021. There is no fee to register or attend the conference.

In an era marked by major global concerns including COVID-19 and social reform movements, engineers must be equipped to collaborate across international boundaries and intercultural perspectives to provide solutions to global problems and positively impact society.

To that end, this conference will provide students an opportunity to develop and apply such competencies and engage in professional development as they connect with industry partners and colleagues from peer institutions in the United States and from partner institutions abroad.

Panel Discussion Proposals

GEE invites proposals for panel sessions from staff, faculty, and undergraduate and graduate students that address at least one of the questions in the conference subthemes: (1) Building Global Competencies in Engineering Students, (2) Diverse Perspectives for Engineering Effective Solutions, and (3) Engineering for Humanity. More details about the conference subthemes are found below. Please note:

  • Deadline extended! Submit proposals here by Feb. 25.
  • Presentation teams that include students will be given priority for selection.
  • Presentations teams may include representatives of more than one institution for collaborative projects.
  • Students representing engineering student organizations and leadership positions are especially encouraged to submit.
  • Session presentations will be 30-40 minutes in length with an additional 20-30 minutes for questions and discussion.

Theme 1: Building Global Competencies in Engineering Students

What are innovative strategies for curricular offerings and co-curricular programming to build global competencies in students? What experiential educational models exist as an alternative to studying abroad to develop intercultural skills and global competencies in engineering students? What are best practices for predeparture study abroad preparation, guiding reflective practice while abroad, or engaging students in reentry courses and programming?

Theme 2: Diverse Perspectives for Engineering Effective Solutions

What are creative curricular and co-curricular approaches to engaging students in diverse teams? What strategies are being used to provide intentional and holistic support for greater access to global experiences for a more diverse body of engineering students? How are engineering students from other countries integrated into the university experience?

Theme 3: Engineering for Humanity

How are the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals integrated in the curriculum or co-curriculum? What innovative experiential projects engage students in community-focused learning? How can cultural humility be adapted as a framework for the engineering profession? How do interdisciplinary globally themed courses enhance engineering technical studies? In what way do engineering study abroad programs contribute to equitable and sustainable communities?

Student Video Contest: Engineering Impact on the World

Student participants also are invited to submit a video presentation, in the style of a TED talk, of no more than five minutes in length that addresses the following question:

What have you learned from your international and intercultural experiences that will help you to engineer solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges?

In addressing the question, students should include the following components:

  1. Tell a story about your international and intercultural experience. This can include a reflection on your study abroad experience as well as time spent in another country or culture different from your primary country of citizenship or residency. It can also include reflections on speaking in language(s) other than your first language.
  2. Reflect on how the international and intercultural experience(s) informed your understanding of the urgency to address a specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goal.
  3. Share your plans to impact the world as an engineer.

Please note:

  • Deadline extended! Submit videos here by Feb. 25.
  • The videos will be judged by engineering industry experts.
  • Recognition will be given to first-, second-, and third-place submissions based on a rubric to assess the response to the primary question and three main components.
  • Students are encouraged to be creative with technology by including visual prompts like photographs. The visual appeal of the submission, including the quality of the video and audio, also will be assessed.
  • More details on the video contest are included in the video and proposal submission form.



The mission of Global Engineering Engagement is to create an environment that embraces the values of international education, where access to global exposure and opportunities to develop cross-cultural competence is pervasive. We believe that it is within our reach to ensure that all engineering students can become internationally engaged.

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