United Kingdom Semester Programs

Below are semester-long study abroad programs in United Kingdom designed for College of Engineering students. However, you are not limited to these options. To explore a full list of all semester study abroad programs offered through Penn State, check out the Global Programs search function.

England. Arcadia: London, University of Westminster

As one of the biggest universities in the UK, this institution offers a large selection of engineering courses for students in Computer Science and Biological Engineering. Westminster’s course flexibility with visiting students means that it may be a good program option if you want to explore different subject areas. Students will directly enroll in the University of Westminster, live on campus and take classes alongside local students pursuing their degree at the university.

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England. IES: London, Queen Mary University

Students in the College of Engineering have the opportunity to study at Queen Mary University through IES, a third-party provider. Course registration will take place during orientation in London and students will take courses alongside local students in majors like EE, CMPSC, and ESM. IES will arrange for students to be housed in an apartment with other students. Students may participate in one- and two-day field trips subsidized by IES to places such as Stonehenge, Liverpool, and Oxford, and many scholarship opportunities are available.

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England. IES: London, University College London

Study at the University College London alongside with British and international students in the fall or spring semester through IES, a third-party provider. This program offers engineering courses in EE, ME, BME, ChE, and CE. Accommodations for student housing is made by IES along with the option to participate in one- and two-day field trips subsidized by IES to such places as Stonehenge, Liverpool, and Oxford. IES automatically provides a $2,000 Public School Grant to Penn State students who participate in this program with additional scholarships available.

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England. Leeds: University of Leeds

This institution offers a large selection of engineering courses for students in most engineering majors at Penn State. Leeds is a vibrant city with many cultural events related to music, theater, sports, and art. Students will register for courses during orientation in Leeds and will study alongside local students. The university will accommodate students in a dormitory or apartment.

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England. University of Southampton

This is an ideal location for engineering students as the university boasts many lectures, site visits, and special projects that are directly related to the engineering industry. Students in AERSP, CE, CMPSC, EE, and ME have the opportunity to take major courses as well as mathematics, physics, and chemistry at the University of Southampton during the spring semester. Students will be accommodated in campus housing with various meal options. This program is available to students who are at least in junior standing and have completed all of their entrance-to-major requirements.

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